Letting the trees grow 1

I did this one yesterday, a small tray framed Posca and pencil drawing on wood.

13cm x 13cm approx. with frame.

First one of a series of 3.

More to come soon, stay tuned.

Letting the trees grow

Face on Wood edition, the making of..

I have been busy in the studio creating a wood transfer edition of one of my beloved characters.

If you like it and want one it is up for grabs now in the Urbanfreaks Bazaar.

Only 5 done.

Applying product

Applying the wood transfer product.

Covered Wood

Waiting for the paper to dry after sticking it to the wood.

Rubbing 1

Rubbing 3

Rubbing 2

And rubbing the paper off the wood to reveal the transferred image.

Four Faces on Wood 

This ones are still up for grabs now in the Urbanfreaks Bazaar.

Besos desde Lao

A second serie of postcards from my trip, this ones were painted and sent from Lao to Noemi Klamur, Mr. Ina, Sandra+Lirri, Paz Killer and Elenita

Lao Postcard 1

Lao Postcard 2

Lao Postcard 3

Lao Postcard 4

Lao Postcard 5

Cambodia Postcards

This is a serie of postcards I found somewhere in Cambodia and sent to H+A, Ignasi, Paz Killer, Alfonso and Rocio after doing some drawing on them.

Cambodia Poscard 1

Cambodia Poscard 2

Cambodia Poscard 3

Cambodia Poscard 4

Cambodia Poscard 5

Pencil on paper

Pencil on paper



Critical T-shirts

Critical commissioned me to design a couple of T-shirts for their spring/summer collection in 2009

First one is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Reclaim The Streets Carnival Against Capitalism riots in London (June 18th) and the second one just says use a  condom or you will get a very red card

J18 T-Shirt

Red Card -shirt

Gio and .uf.. portrait

Giovanna plays with her webcam,

I play with the pictures she takes

Gio and me

A bug in my apple

Apples, bugs, and people faces…

Q.-what can you do with all of them together?

A.-waste my time

A Bug in my Apple

Animals and Pure Cotton Buds

Messing a very old backup of my works, funny all the crap you can find there…

you can also realize we still have the same problems nowadays

Animals and Pure Cotton Buds

Londog, my city dog

Coming out, in a street near you, the stickers are already printed…

Been in London, been a dog, been polluted…whatever, a londog will always be a londog…


.this is my world..